Yes, Its a pseudonym.  Given the title and subject matter of this site, old moneybags was an inspired suggestion by a friend.  The historical Croesus lives on in the modern English language by the phrase “as rich as Croesus.”  The last ruler of the Lydian Empire was noted for his immense wealth.  Lydia itself was one of the first states to mint coins.  The first coins were made of Electrum.  Croesus may have minted the first true gold coins.

Alas, all this wealth was not enough to preserve the Lydian Empire.  Croesus would fall to one of the greatest empire builders and statesmen in history, Cyrus the Great.  Legend has it that he misinterpreted a prediction by the Oracle of Delphi that by attacking the Persians he would destroy a mighty empire.  That empire was his own.  It appears that Cyrus may have spared Croesus, though the last years of the king are not known.

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