Episode 3.2(8) – A Hostage in Thebes

The troubled aftermath following the death of King Amyntas III of Macedon saw one of his sons assassinated and another a hostage in Thebes. In Thebes the young Philip of Macedon would have the advantage of learning the arts of war and diplomacy from Epaminondas, the statesman who destroyed Spartan hegemony and in his lifetime raised Thebes to the supreme power in Greece. The young prince would implement these lessons after he returned home.

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BOEOTIA. Thebes. Ca. 395-338 BC. AR stater (21mm, 12.24 gm). Epaminondas, magistrate, ca. 364-362 BC. Boeotian shield / Amphora; rosette above; EΠ-AMI across field; all within concave circle. BCD Boiotia 543. Hepworth 32. Extremely rare varient with rosette above amphora! Extremely Fine. Ex Classical Numismatic Group 84 (5 May 2010), lot 443.
Source: Heritage Auctions, Inc. https://coins.ha.com/
The Theban hegemony; power-blocks in Greece in the decade up to 362 BC
Source: Wikipedia

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