Episode 3.4(10) – The rise of Macedonia

After stabilizing the situation following the death of his brother Perdikkas III, Philip II engineered his rise to the throne. The next year he started a remarkable five year run that totally flipped Macedon’s strategic situation – uniting his Kingdom, creating the new Macedonian military machine and emerging as the strongest power in Greece. The …

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Episode 3.3(9) – A Kingdom in peril

In 364 BC, Philip returned to the court of his brother Perdikkas III. Five years later came the great Illyrian disaster with the King killed along with 4,000 of his men. As regent for his nephew Amyntas IV it was up to Philip to prevent the total collapse of Macedonia. The podcast is now available on most providers including Apple, Google, Spotify and Stitcher. However, you can also view it below or watch it on YouTube (provided below). If you subscribe on …

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Episode 2.1 (2) Lydia – The Birth of Western Coinage

The first western coinage is generally attributed to the Kingdom of Lydia in Anatolia. The Greek cities of Ionia are another contender and started minting coins at the same time or soon after. However, the electrum deposits used to make these first coins were within Lydia, making them the likely first issuers of coinage. The …

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