Episode 2.2 (3) – He shall destroy a mighty empire

A new power rises in the Middle East. The Persians under Cyrus the great are on the move, taking Media and Babylonia.

In Lydia, Croesus has succeeded his father Alyattes and issues the first gold and silver coinage. Comforted the advice of the Oracle of Delphi, he decides to crush the Persian upstart once and for all.

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KINGS of LYDIA. Kroisos. Circa 560-546 BC. AV Stater (17mm, 10.77 g). Heavy standard. Sardes mint. Prototype issue, circa 550 BC. Confronted foreparts of lion, with sun on forehead, and bull / Two incuse square punches of unequal size. Berk 1; H.J. Berk, “The coinage of Croesus: New types support traditional theories” in The Celator 4.10 (October 1990), p. 9, 1 and front cover (this coin); Traité I –; SNG Kayhan –; SNG von Aulock –; McClean 8635. EF, fully lustrous. Among the finest known. Extremely rare and important.

Source: Classical Numismatic Group, LLC https://cngcoins.com/
KINGS of LYDIA. Kroisos. Circa 564/53-550/39 BC. AR Stater (19.5mm, 10.63 g). Sardes mint. Confronted foreparts of lion and bull / Two incuse squares. Berk 19; Traité I 407–8; SNG von Aulock 2873–4; SNG Lockett 2980 = Pozzi 2730; SNG Lockett 2981 = Bement 1566 = Weber 6773; Alpha Bank, Hellenic 6; BMC 37; Boston MFA 2070; Rosen 662; Zhuyuetang 12. Near EF, toned. Excellent metal for type.

Source: Classical Numismatic Group, LLC https://cngcoins.com/

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